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Rebuilds at AAMCO of Terre Haute = Lower Price +Higher Quality + Nationwide Warranty

AAMCO of Terre Haute is proud to say, “We rebuild all of our transmissions locally.” We also offer the only nationwide warranty in the business. We’re the best and we back it up. No matter what you drive, AAMCO knows your transmission – foreign or domestic, manual or automatic, hybrid or gasoline. It’s nationwide expertise with the benefit of a locally veteran owned and operated service center.

When AAMCO of Terre Haute rebuilds your transmission, there is no need to worry about a defective replacement unit. At our shop, your rebuild starts with the original unit and gets repaired by a local, on-site expert master builder. Our builder will disassemble the transmission, thoroughly clean and inspect the internal and external components, rebuild it with quality parts, and reinstall your transmission. We refill the fluid, make any required adjustments, then road test to ensure your transmission is running smoothly. With our shop, you get peace of mind that your transmission has been rebuilt to AAMCO’s exacting quality standards.

Your Local Expert Builder

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Advantages of a Rebuilt Transmission

A rebuilt transmission offers several specific advantages that make it an appealing choice for vehicle owners. First and foremost, it provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a brand new transmission. Rebuilding a transmission involves carefully disassembling, inspecting, and replacing worn or damaged components, ensuring that the unit functions optimally. This process allows for a significant cost savings compared to buying a new transmission, making it an attractive option for customers looking to save money while still restoring their vehicle’s performance. At AAMCO of Terre Haute, we do this all locally on-site.

An added advantage of a rebuilt transmission is the potential for improved reliability. During the rebuilding process, technicians have the opportunity to address common issues and weaknesses found in the original design. AAMCO technicians have access to updated parts and technologies to strengthen the transmission, increasing its durability and lifespan. By addressing specific problems, such as known failure points or design flaws, a rebuilt transmission can often outperform its original factory version, resulting in a more dependable driving experience. Combine that with our comprehensive nationwide warranty & expertise, locally operated service center, and technicians who know your area, and AAMCO of Terre Haute is your best solution for all of your transmission needs.

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